One of my Christmas gifts from Alex was a book about the best places to eat pizza around the world, since he knows all about my slight obsession with za. While we were in London I decided that we needed to try at least one of the places listed in the London section, and we were not disappointed in our choice to try Pizza Pilgrim. We walked from Bond Street into the Soho neighborhood, where we found the small pizza shop on the corner of Dean Street and Carlisle Street. When you walk in you are greeted with the heavenly smell of pizza and taken through the small store front, down a spiral staircase leading to the seating area in the basement. Surrounded by the Soho hipsters in their leather and velvet black ensembles, this was the only time in London that I felt we really stood out. We ordered the garlic, rosemary and parmesan flatbread for a starter, which was large enough to be my own personal pizza. It is a bit heavy on the garlic, so I would not recommend this if you do not like a lot of garlic and olive oil. We ordered their special guest pizza, which had pistachio cream, crispy mortadella and smoked mozzarella. I loved ever bite of our za and we basically licked the pan clean. Since the guest pizza is not a regular on the menu, my handy dandy pizza book recommends the Nduja pizza. The Nduja pizza is a margarita pizza with a spicy caribbean pork sausage and is on the top of my list the next time we visit. I have linked my not so edgy outfit below, and be sure to check out my new guide to life, Where to Eat Pizza! xoxo