Top: Chicos // Pants: Tory Burch // Shoes: Asics Kayano 22

It is hard to believe my grandmother, Monna, is 81 (almost 82) years old! Her exercise routine includes walking a few miles in NorthPark Center every morning before starting her day. Monna started walking to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, relieve stress, and improve her overall physical health. She likes to walk in NorthPark Center because it is safe, climate controlled, and the flat surface reduces her chance of falling. If you walk once around the square layout (including the short hallways), it is just over a mile. She also enjoys the ability to check her blood pressure in the mall every Tuesday at 7 am, thanks to Medical City Hospital.

“It is a safe place and climate controlled. It is pleasant because it is well kept, floral arrangements are beautiful, and I enjoy the art work. I am able to window shop all the latest trends without going bankrupt.”

When Monna started walking every morning, she knew that she needed the proper shoes to relieve pressure to her knees and hips. In order to make sure her shoes fit her needs, she went to RunOn where they recommended Asics Kayano 22 athletic shoes. Since Monna is always matching perfectly, naturally, she needed some jogging suits to go with her new shoes. She likes to buy pants with pockets so she can carry her cell phone and car keys without the hassle of a purse. Some of her favorite brands for walking clothes are Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, Tory Burch, Chicos, and Michael Kors. Shop some “Monna approved” jogging suits below! xoxo